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Changing Lives for Eternity

"The eyes of those who see will not be dim…" (Isaiah 32:3)
"He keepeth all his bones and not one of them is broken." (Psalms 34:20)

Dental/Optical Center

In 2007 through the efforts and donations of Dr. Clint Miner DDS of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a three chair dental suite was established in one of the Hospital wards. Dr. Miner disassembled and with the help of the Texas Baptist Men reassembled dental equipment, chairs, lab, and supplies. In his 80's, Dr. Miner made three trips to design, layout, and construct the dental clinic.

The doorways of opportunity are now available to those that are dentist and dentally oriented to join in the improvement of equipment and services of helping the dental needs of the people of Eku. You can teach modern methods to the national dentist. Educational classes can be presented to instruct people on good dental hygiene. Many of the cases are caused by gum problems and disease which lead to more physical problems. There is much that a dentist can do to help the dental health of these people.

  In the equatorial environment we find that the equipment and supplies have a short life. The conditions might not be ideal, but there are ways to help and minister to the people. The help people that can repair and restore dental equipment would be a great way to help.

The other half of the ward is designated to be part of a new optical center. Eye problems are intense in this area. Many of the people need to have cataract surgery to help them see. The sun's rays on the equator without the aid of sunglasses seem to aggravate this problem. There are young children with cataracts and other eye diseases. Of course you have a great need for corrective lenses for people to see and be able to read. At our last trip with an optical team over 1000 pairs of reading glasses were fitted with 1500 more waiting to be fitted. The team had one ophthalmologist and the others were lay people taught how to help. Perhaps you are the one to move forward and open the world of sight for the Eku Baptist Hospital and the people of Eku.

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