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Changing Lives for Eternity

“It is the goodness of God that brings people to repentance and acceptance to His alter.” Romans 2:4.

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Shipping Containers

In 2007, in partnership with the Texas Baptist Men, we were able to send two forty foot shipping containers with donated medical equipment, machines, and supplies for three mission hospitals in Nigeria. Today, the doorway of opportunity lies before this group to send two more forty foot containers with needed supplies for the Eku Baptist Hospital, the orphanage, and Eku. Donated medical equipment and supplies are ready to load in containers. Many of the items are inventoried, boxed, and labeled. Funding is needed for the purchase of a forty foot container. These cost around $3,000.00. The shipping cost will be about $8,000.00 for each container. There are other fees and cost involved with withdrawing them from customs, having them delivered from the docks to Eku, unloading the equipment, and locating the containers for use as storage buildings or store fronts.

The celebration in the village was one of the largest that had been experienced. They danced and sang from the village entrance to the Eku Baptist Hospital, about a mile and a half. This momentous occasion enabled us to preach about the goodness of God that brings people to repentance.  In all our activities and undertakings we strive to represent the Love of God in word and deed. It is the fact of God's Love and the prompting of the Holy Spirit that will bring people to the salvation knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This effort made possible a complete dental suite to be established at the Hospital, their first. It brought in some much needed units for the surgical theater like lights, newer tables, anesthetic machines, and machines for OB and pediatrics. It allowed us to bring in educational materials and books for the Nursing School and for the young doctors. There were many boxes of supplies like catheters, bandages, sutures, orthopedic supplies, braces, beds, etc. It is now time to replace and upgrade many of the things that were sent in 2007. The addition and expansion of the orphanage, Bible College, the Nursing School, and the Hospital outreach is reason to believe that containers need to be shipped soon.

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