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white_dover_1white_dove_2Changing Lives for Eternity

The Story of the White Doves

We believed that the presence of God would be very real to them as the “gifts of God’s love” arrived in these containers loaded in love by us and the volunteers of Texas Baptist Men. There were many opportunities to overcome. The container for Eku arrived around noon on Wednesday, July 4. While standing by the road in front of the Hospital gate and waiting for it, two white doves flew from over the hospital and landed on the side of the road opposite the gate.

It seemed unusual; however we just watched them walk along the side of the road. Nothing seemed to scare them. The cars, people, or motorcycles whizzing by them did not make them move. When the truck hauling the container was within three feet of them, they both flew up over the container and back over the hospital compound. It was extraordinary. Not that we are moved by signs, but these have been the first white doves that we have seen in Eku. To also add to this, in Shaki as the truck was pulling into the hospital compound we have a picture of a white dove flying up in front of it.

Thank you Lord, for the awareness of Your presence that we experienced through all of this. Truly the manifestation of Your Spirit of peace, unity, and love was evident in the presence of the white doves.

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