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  • Reality of the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

    The purpose of this lesson is to reinforce the character of the Holy Spirit as our Helper. It will use the Word to strengthen our awareness of the Holy Spirit as an integral third person of the Holy God Head. The purpose is to help us become more ‘God Minded,” in realizing the indwelling of…

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  • Mary Kay Healing Testimony

    The Testimony of Mary Kay Posey and her journey of receiving healing from a incurable blood disease that had her a prisoner in her own home, with all the doors and windows sealed off from the outside world. It changed her life’s purpose and God taught her the truth about “faith comes by hearing and…

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  • Living Magazine Article

    Living Magazine Article

    When Janet Kennedy went on a mission trip to Eku, Nigeria, with Fred and Mary Kay Posey, she didn’t realize it would be a life-changing experience. In an interview Janet did for Living Magazine, she tells how the beautiful souls of Eku made a forever home in her heart. Click the link below to read…

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