In Jesus Mighty Name, we Pray that ”They will attend to God’s Words, and incline their ear to God’s sayings, and they will Not let them depart from their eyes; they Will keep them in the midst of their heart, For they are LIFE to those that find them and health to all their flesh.  We pray that they Keep their hearts with all diligence, for out of it comes the issues of Life and success”  (Prov. 4:20-23)

Changing Lives for Eternity

God says, “this is the acceptable and favorable time; I have heard and answered you. I will help you and preserve you and give you for a covenant to the people, to raise up and establish the land, from the present state of ruin, and apportion and cause them to inherit the desolate waste places as their heritage, thou shall say to those that are bound, come forth out of darkness, come into light of the Son of Righteousness. And they shall feed in good pastures…and they shall not hunger or thirst…nor be misled, for I will guide them. Sing for joy, O Heavens, and be joyful, O earth, break forth into singing for the Lord will comfort His people, and will have compassion on the afflicted…For I have not forgotten you.” (Isaiah 49:8-15amp.)

Conferences Pastors/Women/Market Place/Other Outreaches

Teaching conferences are doorways of opportunity to reach out to both pastoral and lay people in the churches. Specific subjects and groups can be targeted through these sessions such as pastors, pastor’s wives, women ministries in the churches, and a recent emphasis on marketplace evangelism and leadership.

There are many village pastors that are not able to attend and expand their educational knowledge, but through these pastors’ conferences they can grow in their knowledge of Biblical Truth, relationship ministry, and practical application. This also provides a local venue for them to interact with other pastors and with visiting ministers within their limited budget restraints. It serves to enhance their knowledge and encourage their faith to continue to serve as the local shepherd.

The wives of so many of these pastors lack knowledge and understanding of what it is to be a pastor’s wife. Conferences held in connection with the pastors’ conference or separate are good ways for experienced teachers to help them learn from a Biblical perspective practical application and how to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It can also be a learning situation concerning household duties, raising children, and serving the congregation.

Many of the women hold leadership roles in the church and in the local culture. This becomes another outreach of these teaching conferences for the different women’s ministries to again teach Biblical principles, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and practical application. Conference sessions are expanded to groups outside of the church ministries such as widows, teachers, and young women preparing for life.

A recent outreach that is for both men and women is the ministry of the marketplace. Businesspeople, professionals, self-employed, farmers, and others are targets for the Christian lay businessmen to share how to interact with Godly principles while building a closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and learning how obedience and evangelism can be fulfilled in the interactions of one’s business dedicated to God’s direction.

When teams go to Eku there are many ministry outreaches in which one can become a servant and participant. These Include the act of praying for the patients, speaking to the Nursing School Chapel meetings, walking through the marketplace, village house calls, loving on the children, and other activities that the Lord leads to show His Love.

Click below to enjoy an Eku local worship leader, Pastor Isodje Igbunu Godwin, on the Eku Hospital Compound singing and praising the Lord from their Herald of Hope VCD.