Orphanage-Widows’ Centers

Orphanage-Widows’ Centers

Shepherd Care Ministries

Rev. Richard Obarorakpor, Founder and Director of Shepherd Care Ministries resolved many years ago to one day follow the call that God had given him as a young person. His history was one of rejection. Born into a family of poor means, handicapped at birth, rejected, and thrown into the refuse pile of trash as a cast away. He was crippled because of polio. Left to die. But God had a different plan for him. Plucked from the trash heap by the Rev. Palmer Ofuoku and his wife Rebekah and brought to their home to live and nourish, Richard was mentored, provided an education, and taught to work through the guidance of Pastor Ofuoku. From this early age, he knew and promised God to provide a haven for orphans and castaways. In 2007, the seed of the promise began to grow. It started with a rented house and loving, feeding, teaching, training, clothing, housing, and medical treatment for them. God opened avenues in which Walking in Love Ministries could participate in the dream of Rev. Richard Obarorakpor to honor his calling for caring for the needy whether they be young or old. Shepherd Care continues to expand the vision with a resident hall for orphans and castaways, for widows and the old, for humanitarian health center for the needy, and for a place to show the love of God.

With love as the chief aim, the doorway of opportunity at Shepherd Care Ministries Center reaches out in a personal way to the hurting, the broken, the bound, the sick, and the abandoned to share with them a life changing personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The Good News is lovingly shared to heal, comfort, and deliver them from the agony of loneliness and fear. The Center provides weekly Bible Classes, prayer meetings, video teachings, food for the widows and elderly, medical treatment, education, skill training, a residency, and wholesome fellowship.

This Center is an independent, faith based, Non-Government Organization recognized by the Nigerian Government. It is established as an orphanage, widows, and hospice care center. Because of a high incident of HIV/Aids there is a great need to provide help to orphans and vulnerable children that are victims of this disease both directly and indirectly. Since cultural differences present a bleak picture for widows, the ministry outreach of Shepherd Care extends to the widows and old folks that have no one to care for them. There are also very few facilities in the country that reach out to the mentally and physically challenged or to those in need of hospice.

Shepherd Care actively focuses and pursues the spiritual, physical, health, economic, and moral well being of these less privileged ones. We engage in a lifestyle of compassionate relief and support, helping them to grow and develop into stable and productive citizens. Our objectives are to identify those in need, to expand the Kingdom of God through Gospel outreach and humanitarian services, to empower the children and young widows through appropriate education/skill training/development programs, to provide education about HIV/AIDS, to be caregivers for those affected, and to help all groups become self sustainable.

Shepherd Care includes a strong Christian based Academy for K-12 as part of the overall education and skill training vision. The Center will become a place to train the children and younger widows in such skill needs as sewing, shoe repair, farming, raising animals, and other opportunities presented. The Center also monthly provides beans and rice for orphans, widows, and the hungry. Throughout the year they conduct free medical clinics, supply clothing, counseling, workshops, testing services, seminars, forums and a working farm that helps supply them with some crops and small animals for food and/or to sell. This is a faith based organization and relies on your God inspired gifts and donations to carry out this vision and expand its efforts to spread the Love of Jesus.