OH, WHAT AMAZING DOCTORS that God sent, to Bless the Precious people of Eku, Nigeria, through the years and Lord, “We give Thanks for Every Remembrance of them” !!! – Oghene Ruona – God has done wonders!!! — The First doctor to come was Dr. Harold B. Canning, he came in 1948, after my parents had begun the Clinics there in 1944. He came with no medical supplies or instruments. We discovered that he had been a prize boxer, and was a very new Christian with no experience at all, So he did not stay long!! You can find many funny stories in # 17 of “Early Eku History”! —- The 2nd doctor, was Dr. William and Alice Gaventa that came later in 1949. Oh, what a Great blessing they were!! He was very quiet, with a sincere servant’s heart, but Highly intellectual. Besides working with the patients, and preaching in the villages, he helped my Dad, Rev. Dr. E.M. Howell, finish building the Eku Hospital and was there when it was dedicated, July 27, 1950! —- The 3rd doctor was Dr. Paul and Ida Cullen, just one month after the Hospital Dedication. Along with the patients and surgery, he served as Maintenance Manager, and set up the first Laboratory at the Hospital. He let me help him in the Surgical Theater a lot with Miss Mary Evenly Fredenburg, RN. —- The 4th Doctor was Dr. Curt and Betty Abell, who came in 1952, and served as Medical Superintendent of Eku’s Hospital, along with all the treating patients and engaged in surgeries. He was dearly loved by Eku and can find many wonderful stories in # 26!! (on ‘The Urhobo Renaissance Society’ Face Book, you can see most all the posts, with the pictures and stories, right together. Also MANY HISTORICAL things & you can also Follow me on my American FB) —- I was there from 1944 till 1960 so I do not have a lot of information on the doctors after 1960, & the next pictures are doctors after I left. —– Dr. Bob and Joan Amis – the Acting Medical Director, till others could get visas to return back to Nigeria – He was already in Eku before Dr. Martha Hagood arrived, (I talked about her on the last post, on # 36). Dr. Amis loved to wear Urhobo clothing when not doctoring and they had 5 children there! (If YOU have more stories on these missionaries, Please share with me so I can put them in the Book —– Thank you, Dr. John and Fonce McFadden for coming to Eku Baptist Hospital with all your Love, Kindness, your Charitable heart & BRAVERY!! I heard that you Defeated Robbers with your gun, during a Night Raid on the Hospital, and saved everyone!!! Along with all Dr. McFadden did with Hospital patients, he went out into the villages to help a lot. He started a Bible Book Store at the Hospital, with a lot of Christian Literature, and helped with scholarships to qualified pastors, to have further education. —- Dr. Don McLaren was a pediatrician there. — Nurses: Mary Evelyn Fredenburg, the 2nd RN, after my Mother, Eleanor Katharine Howell RN, and Valda Long, the 3rd RN in Eku, & Lawanda Couch & Betty Larimer, were Very Early nurses, who taught at the Great Nursing School of Eku, & are Really Missed Today!!! —- Rev. Dr. Don and Gwen Reece, were Mighty Missionaries for Jesus Christ!!! There will be Many Heroic stories about them in the Book!!! – He took what my Dad started in 1944, by teaching pastors, and brought it on up to be known as the Eku Bible College, which then later it became the full fledge Seminary of today! —- Brannan Eubanks was there, at least around 1972, and did all the plumbing and maintenance – After the Nursing School was finished and dedicated in 1960, & after Independence (see # 30), then the Government wanted Everything upgraded at the Eku Hospital and Nursing School, to meet government standards – this kept Brannan Eubanks Very busy!! —- Dr. Tim and Janice McCall were a great blessing to the Eku people also!! Along with Hospital work, he loved Village work, so he and Dr. Jedi Agbowu (A great doctor and a dear friend of mine – his sisters were my best friends, and his parents, owners of ‘Endimus Bread” in Warri, and were like my Grandparents) – would regularly take a boat down the Ethiope River, behind the Hospital, to preach and check on the ‘Community Health’ clinics that they started at many different villages – They called the Ministry, “River IRNE Ministry” – I got to see also, wow!! Dr. Jedi Agbowu was a Great doctor, and Great Administrator, keeping Christian Ethics in the Hospital. He was the most renown Choir Directors, and taught many many choir directors in the Delta, & was known all over– Wow, he was Great!

Gene and Jackie Legg were Very loving, busy, beloved people. He was Business Manager and could fix anything!!! He also preached at different Churches. Jackie taught at the Bible College and helped at the Nursing School, etc.!! —- Two Very Appreciated Doctors were, Dr. Ken Wasson, setting up the pharmacy and Dr. Jerry Gaultney, setting up the second and better Lab!!! —– Dr. Judy Oris, a Gynecologist, was there, so I know she was Very busy, night and day!! (Will try to find out more before the Book, as I will try to do on all of these.) —- Dr. Osborn, was a Gynecologist and they were from Canada. His wife had a Discipleship Program. They retired on December 1992… — Dr. Tina Slusher, a Very Great Pediatrician, has been coming to Eku for over 25 years and is still coming and now is also doing research on Jaundice and the Critically ill children – She is an Amazingly loving and generous doctor – She has come with us on some of our trips back and forth to Eku!!! —- From 1983 to 2000, Dr. Rick and Debbie Barden were in Eku as an Internist and Pathologist. He also taught Residents at the Hospital, taught at some of the Churches (as many doctors did). He was very humble & kind hearted. She was an RN, taught Bible studies at the Leper Colony (as a lot of wives did), taught the pastor’s wives at Bible College, and as all the parents in those days, she home-schooled her children too! He wept when he left Eku!!! —- Eku was known for the Great Love shared Everywhere, even in surgery or in the delivery rooms!! This Eku Baptist Hospital was known as a “Lighthouse on the Delta” ! It was Renown for the Love of Jesus and real genuine Notable Miracles, done only by the Spirit of God and God’s Grace!!! Oghene Jabor – if Not for God working through Rev. J.E. Agonbi , None of this would have happened ! — Oghene Tejiri – God is Worthy to be Praised!!! – PLEASE LET THESE AMAZING people’s Sacrificial Love, given so liberally to the people of Eku, CAUSE You to NEVER Forget How Much Jesus LOVES YOU – Where ever you are right now!!!! If you have drifted away from Him, Jesus is Calling You Back to a deep Relationship with Him – Oooh, He Loves YOU – PLEASE Ask Jesus Into Your Life Right Now – Time is Short – Please, & let me know your decision ! – eee love una oooo!!! Avwerosu Jesu – Have faith in Jesus … Oghene Nyerhovwe – He answers Prayers – na True ooo!!! Na Omoteko