In the Early Amazing days of Eku’s Hospital that was started in 1944, it was established to show the Mighty Compassionate Love of Jesus Christ, for the precious Eku people !! My Parents, Rev. Dr. E. Milford and Eleanor Howell and Rev. J.E. Aganbi, daily ministered God’s Love through the Hospital’s Motto, TO: “Teach, Preach, and Heal” ( Matthew 4:23). The Lord Jesus told them in Matt. 25:40 that “If you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto ME” – With this taken to heart, then everyone who came to work at the Hospital, was taught to: “LET LOVE BE THEIR CHIEF AIM” with every patient or family member that came, NO Matter how poor or challenging they were !! The Lord Jesus said that His children, are to be “Known by our LOVE” & to “Walk in Love, As Christ Jesus Hath loved us and laid down His Life for us !!! If we walk in Love with each other, then Unity Will flow, and the Commanded Blessings Of God Will flooow unhindered once again – Hallelujah !!! – In John 20:21, Jesus said: “ AS the Father sent Me, SO I send you” — “Jesus SO LOVED that He GAVE….”!! —– We stand in Faith and Believe that God is directing the course of action, for EKU’s Hospital, to Fulfill God’s Word, and that His compassionate Love WILL return, so that many more will be delivered, and set free – “His Word IS Health and Healing to All flesh” (Prov. 4:20-23) — Romans 2:4 says: “It is the Goodness of God that brings men to repentance and acceptance to His alter” – We Pray that “The very God of Peace, sanctify you Whole, your “Spirit, soul, and BODY” to be preserved Whole” – He wants TOTAL Wholeness for You – Oooh What Love that is (I Thess.5:23, 24) – Praying this All Be Manifested at Eku’s Hospital, in Jesus Mighty Name & “What He begun in 1944, He IS faithful to perform and Complete” “To Live and Not die, TO declare the Works of the Lord” & “The Latter WILL be Greater than the Former” !!!- AMEN !!! — Always remember Equon Jesu – the Love of Jesus – Urinrin Ko Oghene – All Glory to God !! — na Chief Omoteko – I Love una ooo !!