Eku, Wa doo !! – We Stand in Awe of God’s Greatness !! – In these pictures, it is 1948, I was about 4, & EVEN More Eku people are coming in to help my Dad, Rev. Dr. E. Milford Howell, to Build the Hospital – it is Really starting to look Wonderful !!! – Na Omoteko standing there with my Mama, Eleanor Katharine Howell, R.N. – We were ALL strongly praying for a Doctor to come soon, because the lines for medical help are growing so large, and my Mother is doing all she could as a Registered Nurse. She is also Praying over each of them and Seeing God Still doing Miracles – Ejiro Oghene !!! As the people wait to be helped, my Dad and Rev. J.E. Aganbi become Chaplains, continuing to Pray also, Preach, and Baptize great numbers that are asking Jesus in as Savior !! – Precious Urhobos: “Oshede” – Let us Also Today, help draw people to the Lord Jesus, to experience His Great Love & Victorious Power in their lives today !! —- We finally heard that a Doctor may be coming – Oghene Migwo !!! – You will see next week what God has done for Eku – Bless una ooo !!! na Chief Omoteko