I was so Thankful to Find these Early pictures – For this post, t is now mid 1947 and great numbers of Eku people and my Dad are continuing on all the Construction at the Hospital. Along with this, Rev. Aganbi had asked my Dad to please start construction on a new Cement Church building for First Baptist Church. In first picture, the old mud, thatched roof building is falling apart & on the second of First Baptist Buildings – #2, you can see that the plaster is falling off the mud outside walls . I thought you would like to see the progression, through the years, of all their sanctuaries, as First Baptist grew, Most of you already know what the Newest, Largest, most modern sanctuary, looks like Today – Wow !!! God has been so good to Eku through the years – there are now several Big churches & many many small ones all over the area. My Dad drew his own Blueprints for this & Used it over and over, Building others like it, All through the Delta State to worship Jesus Christ, the King of kings & Lord of lords. — I lead a Monthly Prayer Meeting for Eku, here in Texas, & it is also posted for people all over the world to pray for You – We pray for Your Protection & that Every Needs to be met, by Oghene’s Riches in Glory ! – We continue to believe that even More people in Eku, will Truly come to deeply Know the precious Love Jesus has for You !! We Pray More Come to the knowledge of Oghene’s Amazing Grace for You, also that You be enlightened & hunger for the rich treasures of revelation knowledge in His Powerful Miraculous Word & Especially for More to Ask Jesus Christ to come into their lives, as Saviour & Lord, & be empowered by Oghene’s Holy Spirit !!! — Jesu we ko biru !! – na Omoteko