BY FAITH, WE WERE STILL BELIEVING GOD TO SEND A DOCTOR TO EKU – So in 1947, the First Building on the Hospital Compound was finished for him to live in — BUT ALSO LOOK – the First Hospital Building has Begun & More Miracles happened along the way -Hallelujah, Lord Jesus ( will put them in the Book) !!! — Besides that, My Mother still needed a better way to Medically serve the precious Eku people at night, so they decided to move into the new house until a doctor would come — The main reason was Because in the Tropical Rains at night, they could have shelter under the roof for treatment – So by day she treated the sick at the clinic & at night, Mother would see the Lantern come down the road, jump up from their beds, from a little rest & minister God’s love to them. Along with helping to build the Eku Hospital, Dad continued Evangelism work with Rev. J.E. Aganbi , both preaching, building churches, & training new Pastors . It will be exciting to watch the next buildings go up & hear the stories !!! na Omoteko