Amazing, it seamed like Everyone was coming to help build the Eku Hospital, so Mother thought that along with helping at the clinic, she wanted to start a Woman’s Mission Union, so there would be Strong Pastor’s wives & even Stronger Christian Leaders in the area – She also decided to gather some of the Pastor’s Wives and to have Fun – She held a “Baby Contest” & these are the finalists – But the handsome boy on the far-Right with the smiling Mom, Won !!! – Each day my Dad would meet with Mr. Atigari, to make sure his Blueprints were being followed in Building the Hospital — Plus he and Rev. Aganbi would Open the Clinic each morning, with Prayer as Chaplains to share the precious Love of Jesus for the Eku people! Rev. Aganbi’s Motto was: “Service to God and Man”! As they greeted and prayed for different ones, everyone would see Rev. Aganbi also going around teaching everyone to always pick up their trash & keep things clean – He Knew that would help to keep flies & diseases out (Wish we all remembered that today) – He even went to school to have all the students each day, make sure they keep the compound clean – in 1946, at a certain time each day, Dad started Training more Pastors to start churches all over the area – They were very strong Partners, working side by side as: “One heart, one mind for the contending of the Gospel” – Both were unbelievable “Workaholics” – Tireless workers for Others & on Fire for Jesus & full of God’s Zeal !!! – Jesu Kobiru ooo !!! (next time you will see some of the Hospital buildings being built – yaa) na Omoteko – Wa dooo !!