Stand and Consider the Wondrous Works of God” – In 1946, the First Building on the Eku Hospital Compound Has Begun & Many Stories of Miracles Will Follow !! – With Dad’s blueprints in hand, Atigari Akpevwa (Father of the late Deacon Michael Atigari), was to head up the construction crew to make mud bricks, and start the building . At that time, he was the Treasure & Chairman of deacons at the Eku Baptist Church and everyone believed he was endowed with Divine Wisdom and Skills. He also worked very closely with Rev. J.E. Aganbi & did all the interpretation for my Dad as they preached all around. The precious Eku people had dreamed of this Hospital for so long that Everyone wanted to come help for free !! The singing and dancing began as they worked for the Glory of God Grace !! This was all done in the height of “Rainy Season” & the Strong tropical rains started to come toward the bricks that were not cured yet !!! My Dad told everyone to hold hands around the Bricks and he began to Pray for God’s Divine Protection & then we all started Praising Him !!! I was small, but will never forget hearing the thunderous rain all around us, But Not One Drop hit the bricks – Our Faithful, Mighty Lord God Honored Each time we prayed to protect the bricks !!! – Uriri dia k’Oghene – All Glory should stay with God !!! — Oghene is NOT finished ooo – na Omoteko