There was an Explosion of Sick people, coming to the EKU Clinic, in 1945 !! My Mother, Eleanor Katharine O’Haver Howell, who had a Very, Very Compassionate heart, Never had good rest, day or night & got Very Thin & Overworked, & even had Malaria 2 different times, very close together – nearly lost her !! We ko biru, Oghene – thank You, Father for saving her !!! – My Dad, Rev. Dr. E. Milford Howell knew Eku needed a Doctor QUICK, for the desperate needs were growing by the day !! He & Rev. Aganbi went to Ogbomosho, once again to beg them for help & to seek help to start building the Hospital, BUT All was turned down !! – Dad found a precious, precious young 16 year old girl to come take care of me and make it a bit easier on my Mother – Her Name Was Rebecka – who my Dad later introduced to Palmer Ofuoku & married them – WOW !! —- Mean time, Dad started writing people in America for Help & Also he was putting together “BLUEPRINTS” to start building a Hospital & Chief Ikie started having everyone preparing the soil for the soon coming Hospital, To start building from his blueprints ! So Grateful for God giving him wisdom to do something he was never trained to do ( That’s what Missionaries Must do, with God’s Help – They & We Also, in our lives today – After much Prayer, MUST Put Full Trust in God’s Supernatural, Revealed, “Skillful, godly wisdom”, on How to do things when there is nothing to do it with – But God (& especially in the Jungle) – ALL Glory and Honor to God – Uriri Dia K’Oghene – Isseeee !!!! (Hallelujah for what we will be showing next – Oh Glory ! ) Na Omoteko