Rev. J. E. Aganbi and my Dad became Strong Brothers !!! Between 1945 & 1955, they both together, Translated the whole Book of John and Both put together the First Urhobo Hymnal ! There were No paved roads in those days, and even sometimes paths had to be cut to get to certain villages, But whether it was by Foot, or Bike, or Canoe – through Mud and Hot Tropical Equator Sun, God made ways where there seemed to be no ways & weekly, they would hold many open-air & street preaching services and then do baptisms. Before the Baptisms, Dad would ask the new Christians to attend “Soul Winning Classes” which also discipled them. They would then ask their families to come and watch their baptism service and many of the families would want to ask Jesus to come into their lives. Usually, in their Joy & excitement, they would win family members even before baptism. When Dad would go into other Villages, he would first ask to talk to the head Chief, Okarorho, or King of the area and share the love of Jesus with them. Upon His receiving Jesus as his own Savior, everyone there wanted to hear !!! As people Committed themselves to the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, they would show their Dedication to Jesus As Total Lord of their lives, By bringing All their False idols and Burning them. I Remember as a small child, that AT ONE SUCH place, just barely in Eku, when the idols were burning, the Fire went into the shape of a Cross (see below), and everyone began to jump & shout, & wanted to receive this Miraculous God of All Creation that showed His Mighty Love to them. Truly Jesus the Christ, The Anointed One of Almighty God, IS the King of All kings, and the Lord of ALL lords !!! Uriri dia k’Oghene — Yes surely, ALL Glory Should Remain with God !!! — “OSHEDE”- Yes, Let US Also Draw people back to Jesus — Time is short & Jesus IS coming Soon !!! na Omoteko