So Grateful that God sent my Parents, Rev. Dr. E. Milford & Eleanor Katharine Howell to Eku, Ethiope East, Delta State, Nigeria, with a strong Anointing on them & Great Love for the precious Delta people !! I showed you the First Clinic By Market that they rented, with their own small salary, from Chief Clark Edewor. The Great Love and Gratitude of the Eku people always helped repay with extra food. Oghene, we ko bi ru ! Coming into such a Jungle area in 1945, my Mother had to totally depend on God to provide answer for the many medical situations that arose while caring for the sick there. One such testimony was when a man was brought in after falling from a palm tree onto his cutlass & it busted open his head ! As Mother cleaned the area, she prayed for a miracle & God raised him up again – Glory to You, Lord Jesus !! – Also, many times she would run out of medicine, because it was so hard to get, so far back in the jungle, in those days, so she would go back to her room to pray. God would tell her different things to do. One time, God told her to put a drop of cake coloring into some water – Pray over it, & I, the Lord God of All flesh, will take care of the rest – & He Did ! Oh, Soo Great is God’s Love for the precious Eku people – Miracles would happen by the Spirit of the Living God — Hallelujah — Oghene, Wo ru ru ma mo !!! – Soon they needed to move the small dispensary out the front room of their home, to something bigger ! They went across the street, to Arigbodi’s compound and set up the First Big Clinic, by Market. Before they had a car, Mama would ride her bike, to the patients homes that were too sick to travel to the Clinic, & I would lay in the Front Basket of her bike to go with her ! – Also, during this time, my Dad Rev. Dr. E. Milford Howell, continued working with Rev. J. E. Aganbi, to Preach, Train Pastors, Organize many “Soul Winning Bands,” New Members Classes, and Start Churches. Many times my Dad went by canoe to hold revivals. Many of these places, we would hear that they had many people needing medical help, so we would All take off and go with him to help !! While I was still small, she would also use me as an example of better sanitation, feeding, and care of their babies. – Soon there were too many Crowds of sick and hurt coming each day, for the first clinic, by market, to care well for everyone – It was time, once again, for a bigger Clinic !! Mr. Urhiafe offered his personal house, free of charge, because he was a government Traveling Teacher. This Begun the 2nd Clinic, that was close to 1st Baptist Church. At this point, they employed Mr. Paul Isiorho to come help my Mother and the two nurses she had trained. Mr Isiorho had served as a nurse in Jerusalem, as a soldier in II World War, which had just ended. The dire needs were growing because there was much: Cholera, T.B., Yaws, Measles, lots of Open Ulcers, Chicken-pox, Small-pox, and the infant mortality rate was very high… Mother’s Amazing Selfless Love for the precious people of Eku was strong, and she worked night and day, But more help was needed !!! — Lots More Stories of “Early Eku History” coming !! Wa doo, na Omoteko ( Please Look Back on my Face Book to see the Earlier ” 8 Early Eku History” – Are Amazing stories there of Eku people – We ko