What a thrill my Dad had when he arrived in EKU, to find that he and Rev. Jove Ejovi Aganbi had very “Like Spirits” !! – Both were very selfless men, cared deeply for people, and great compassion for them to Know the Love of Jesus. – As Evangelists, both also cared deeply about training other Pastors and starting more churches, to spread the Good news. Together, they had Continual Street Preaching, House to House Witnessing, Revivals, and Large numbers of people for regular Baptisms !!! Rev. Aganbi was a Hero to Eku’s Agbon clan, & all the Urhobo people of Delta state, in Nigeria. They grew to be very close, zealous co-workers in God’s Vineyard.

FIRST, A BIT OF AGANBI HISTORY:: Rev. Aganbi was born in 1893, of Chief Aganbi ( a.k.a Agadama) – a paramount chief in Eku. Rev. Aganbi was a very sickly child, so his father was grateful that a British Admin. Resident from Abraka, asked to keep, nurture, and train him. Rev. Aganbi was forced to go to a C.M.I. Church each Sunday, but he was treated hard. In 1909, when he was 15 years old, while cutting grass, he knelt down and prayed: “My Lord Jesus Christ, when I finish my school career, use me according to Your will, in Your service and mankind”! After a while, was no longer sickly but grew handsome and robust. They said it was because of good meals, good hygienic condition, and great medical care. He became a teacher and later went to the Seminary in Ogbomosho. When he was finished with the Seminary, they tried to get him to work in Lagos, but he objected by saying: “My Home people at Eku, Agbon clan and the entire Urhobos are without the salvation of Christ Jesus”! This offended the authorities and gave him no financial help because of that decision. He really caught the vision for God’s mission work and made Eku his headquarters in 1935. His Motto became, “Service to God and Man”! It was said of him, at his Ordination in Eku, “this Minister has brought the Fire of the Gospel with him…to illuminate the entire Urhobo Land”! The work became monumental and many great Nigerians came to help. Many years, starting in 1933, he kept writing and also traveling back to the Baptist Foreign Board, to plead for a Missionary couple to come to Eku, to help with both the Evangelism and the desperate need for Medical. A small exploratory visit came, but still nothing happened. He went through several rough time of persecution, with public beating and being dragged through the main street. Once was because of destroying a demonic spiritual shrine and another because he found in God’s Holy Bible that men are only to have one wife. He grew even stronger in God’s Word and Prayer. He knew he needed to became Baptist and needed even more help to accomplish all God wanted in the Eku area !

So Grateful that in 1944 my parents were finally, starting to work Alongside Rev. Aganbi, in Eku, and sharing the marvelous love of Jesus everywhere and also starting the Medical work there. —- WOW, so Many Really Exciting Stories about their Adventures together, Will be shared later !!