AMAZING God !!! My parents were Excited to start God’s work in Eku, BUT, Oh NO, TIME OUT !! – It’s Time for ME to be Birthed !!! – Mother started having terrible trouble during my birth, so some of the precious women of Eku, came to help her birth me, and Eku had her first white child. Soon after that, the Shell Oil Helicopter came and took both of us to Ogbomosho to be checked out by the Doctors there, To make sure we were both alright – So grateful that they waited to take Dad back to Eku, to work with Rev. J. Ejovi Aganbi and start preaching about Jesus Mighty Love for them ! Wow, what glorious days. While in Ogbomosho, Mother paid, with their own salary, for the securing of her Pharmacy License ( a Missionary Permit) from the Medical Department of Nigeria – Their salary also went for a few meds & equipment to take back to Eku – all because the Mission Board thought my parents would Not last long in the Malaria infested jungle. – After Mother felt better, the Shell Oil Helicopter, came and took Both of us back to Eku & there was great rejoicing over the arrival of Eku’s first white baby !!! ( My Papa is holding me in the Picture – Na Omoteko)

So Grateful that Now we can all start living in the rented, four room, plastered, mud house, by Market, owned by Chief Clark Edewor. We used the back to live in and Mother used the front at first as a clinic. Grace Aganbi came to help Mother as interpreter & was trained to help my Mother with some of the cleaning, treating, & caring for the patients (they were quite a wonderful team) and the crowds kept growing for medical Help !! WOW – One of Mother’s first opportunities to overcome, was a man brought in on a hand made stretcher and said that his back was broken, and he could Not move ! Mother asked How he had broken it and they said it was while he was putting a load on his wife’s head for Market (the loads are Very heavy) !! Mother had nothing available to help, so she prayed for him, in Jesus Name. Then they All watched God start to mend him and he got up, Restored !! They asked Jesus to be their Saviour, and All walked home, rejoicing at God’s Mighty Love – Hallelujah !!! Uriri Dia K’Oghene — All Glory should Stay with the Lord God – You are Marvelous Lord Jesus !!