Soo Very Thankful to God, for My Growing Up Years in Eku, were Amazing !!! While waiting for the next doctor to come to Eku, my Mother’s Love for the Urhobo people, was working selflessly, night & day, & Mama Rebecka (Later known as Mrs Palmer Ofuoku) was remaining my Precious, Precious “Nanny” even at the age of 16 !! (These pictures were in 1948) — Many times my parents would leave me, while Mother was working at the Clinic & would have to drive patients for emergency help to a larger city, ( when the see Mother driving, they would run & say: “Aaah Aaah, Na woman de drive ooo”!!) Also, Dad was off a lot on a bush trip to do revivals or meet with pastors & teachers ( the top left picture is in Ugbimidaka with Pastor Agbeluwa behind my Dad) – Soo, While they were gone, each time, I would stay at Mama Rebecka’s home ! My Dad later introduced her to Palmer Ofuoku & married them. – I always had such joy, playing with all my Nigerian friends, pounding yam, playing games, eating ebba & agusi soup, etc. – Back then, I was the only oyebo ( white child, BUT I did Not Know), – I was just one of the Eku children – I would Not trade those days for anything — On our Mission trips back the last 16 years, it is Always such a joy to find one of my playmates & get a Big Hug & remember old stories !!! — Eku’s Second Doctor Comes in the next post, with lots of pictures & stories – Yaaaa !!! Wo ruru mamo ! – na Omoteko