WADOOO URHOBOS – Hallelujah, Oghene has sent another Great Gift, & in 1949, the 2nd doctor has arrived to Bless the precious people of Eku – Dr. Bill Gaventa & his wife Alice, with his 2 boys Billy & Johnny Gaventa — There was much rejoicing among the whole region in and around Eku when this new doctor arrived !!! – Early in life, God prepared Dr. Gaventa, by reading Stanley’s Book about a Missionary to East Africa:: Dr. David Livingston, & he Treasured it dearly. He then surrendered to God to be a medical missionary to Nigeria. Dr. Gaventa had a superior intelligence, but very humble, devoted, with a sincere servant’s heart, But Very quiet ! – Mrs. Alice Gaventa, worked with the women & with some classes on child care. She also taught their 2 children, their schooling & lived in one of the unfinished wards for a while. Besides Dr. Gaventa seeing medical patients, at the first finished hospital building (seen in this other picture), They both made many trips into the bush to preach & teach God’s Word & tell of God’s great love for the people. He also started helping some with my Dad, Rev. Dr. E. Milford Howell & the Eku people, that were working hard to finish the rest of the buildings on the Eku Hospital compound. Pastor J.E. Aganbi & my Dad daily did Chapel for the patience coming for help, & My Mother with the other 2 nurses that she had trained, continued nursing, until more missionary nurses could arrive. – So Grateful for the Goodness of God for the precious Urhobo people & He is Not through Blessing yet – More is to Come ooo !! — Oghenetaga – God is worthy of All Praise !! na Chief Omoteko