PLEASE READ the AMAZING STORY of My Dad: E. Milford Howell and How God Changed his life, to Start a New Path towards EKU ! Dad’s parents were very poor; his Dad raised chickens, sold eggs, picked cotton, along with odd jobs around, and his Mother sewed. – Daily, Dad came home from school, get on the floor to help his Mom move the foot treadle, on sewing machine for her, and all the while Dad would hear her Praying for Missionaries all around the world. After helping her, he would go pick more cotton and gather eggs. My Dad said he was Not going to be poor when he grew up, but was going to be a Millionaire before 30. – Everything changed at the age of 16, when his Dad was killed by a drunken driver !! – After the burial, there was nothing left to give for the Baptist’s Lottie Moon Christmas Offering that they usually saved up for, All year long, to gave for Foreign Missionaries – The next Sunday at Church, the offering plate came by my Dad and his Mother put it in her lap, bowed her head, and prayed – the usurer asked Dad to wake up his Mother, but Dad said that she is not sleeping, please wait. Soon my Grandmother chose the most valuable thing she owned, took off her wedding ring, and put it into the offering plate ! My Dad’s life totally changed that day, as he surrendered his life To be a foreign Missionary – and his road towards Eku, Nigeria, Begun !!!