I Really Love How the Spirit of God Ordered my Parents Steps; taking Mother, living in Florida, and Moved her way over, to Texas , where my Dad lived !! – Before that, Both had finished College – then Mother went on to Nursing School, both in separate States, and Dad started preaching at a small church in Meridian, Texas. – Neither had dated, because Both were saving themselves for the Vision God gave them to be Missionaries in Nigeria, West Africa. At last it was time to go to the Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Mother was blessed to find a job at the Seminary Cafeteria to help pay her way through school. – On the very first day on the job, the Supervise asked her to go ask the only person in the cafeteria, what he would like to drink with his meal. – It was my Dad !!! After so Many Years of waiting to date, they found out, they were Both Called to be Missionaries in Nigeria – WOW !!! They had their First Date that night and on Valentines Day, in 1942, they got engaged in the Rose Gardens, in Fort Worth, Texas – The Foreign Mission Board was so excited to know about them wanting to go to Nigeria that they Appointed them, Even Before they were married ! Yes, they did get Married, then went to my Grandparents home, in Florida to meet them and wait till time to travel over seas. Before leaving, they had bought and packed canned good enough for 4 years and had just washed ALL their clothes to be ready, when the phone call came to Get to New York immediately to board the ship – wet clothes and all !!! The goodbyes were hard because it would be many years till they would see each other again – It was in the Middle of World War II, so travel across the Atlantic Ocean, with enemy submarines, ships, and Military airplanes was Very Dangerous and was Truly Very challenging – Oh, the stories !!! But, they were Oh So Exciting to at last see the Vision God had given both of them !!!!