ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITE STORIES about my parents After a lifetime of preparing, they were finally in Nigeria… A Pastor, Jejovie E. Agonbi from EKU, in the Delta State, had been begging & pleading for several years, with the Mission Board, to send Medical help down to their area. Instead of Eku, the Board First wanted them to go to the Baptist Hospital in Joinkrama, way down in Igbo Land. They spent the night in Port Harcourt, for Dad to go do a Revival in the area. After Dad left her to travel, Mother felt all alone in the jungle !! She was pregnant with me and the tropical heat of the Equator was really getting to her. She went to pray and told the Lord: “You told me at 6 years old, to be a missionary, at 8 years old, Lord, You told me to go to Nigeria, when I grew up, and at 10 years old, You said to be a Nurse there….. Well, HERE I AM, and I am SCARED !!! Please do something about it, Lord” !!!! – All of a sudden, something that felt like warm oil, was pouring over her head and started flowing all down and through her whole body. She said that the horrible fear Vanished and the sweet loving peace of her Lord’s presence, over whelmed and strengthened her !!! – That’s the Amazing Grace of Almighty Father God. In All the 21 years of living and ministering in Nigeria, she Never had fear again (& guess who was inside her when that happened – I never have fear either -Wow,thanks) So Grateful, my precious Abba Father – & “He Who has called You IS Faithful, and He Will also do it” because “He is No respecter of persons” Praise Your Magnificent and Glorious Name, Sir !!!

PLEASE READ !! – Wow, What a Wild Trip over the Atlantic Ocean to Nigeria – It was Literally IN the Middle of WORLD WAR II, and the Ship that they were on had gun fire and bomb exploding over them quite often !! They Landed in Lisbon, Portugal and they found out that the ship they were to catch, was in Dry Dock for Repairs and may take up to 12 weeks before ready ! My Dad was too excited to wait & was quite a “go getter” – So he went exploring and found a freighter leaving in 2 weeks, with a cabin for passengers on it. This was great, because Josephine Skaggs, a single missionary wanting to go also. My parents were Newly Weds and the Cabin, only had one bed, so my Mother slept in the middle, because they Had to make it work ! (Missionaries Always find a way to Make it Work, by God’s Grace) They could still hear the War quite up close, and it was horrifying !!!! They first went to Leopoldville, in the Belgian Congo, then to Port Harcourt, in Eastern Nigeria, and finally to Lagos, on the West side, just in time for Language School to Begin for new Missionaries !!! ( a surprise: I was inside her here, in this picture, so she looks a little thicker than when the trip started -hee hee) – Oooh, there are some exciting Stories ahead – wow !!