Eku’s desperate Cries for Medical Help were heard once again by Rev. Pastor J.E. Aganbi. He had started the plea to the Baptist Foreign Mission Board in Richmond, Virginia, as early as 1933. So, in 1944, in the town of Ogbomosho, over in western Nigeria, it was time for the Annual “Mission Meeting”. All the missionaries, in Nigeria, would have a time to discuss the previous years problems and have meetings together to make decision about the next year. So Pastor Aganbi came once again, and this time was determined to stand at the Main doorway, until a Missionary couple would agree to go back with him to Eku. He wanted them to both help start Medical work and help assist him to build, and supervise Baptist Churches and schools, in the area. My Parents, Rev. E. Milford Howell (an evangelist) and Eleanor Katharine Howell (a Registered-Nurse), wanted to follow him back and check it all out. They were prayed over by the missionaries, and off they went into the unknown. Back in those days, it was a very hard trip down into the southern jungles of the Delta State. There were lots of stories of rivers to cross, fallen trees in the roads. and lots to overcome along the way. When they finally arrived, all the Chief and Tribal Rulers of the Eku area, met them, to plead with them about how desperate they were for them to stay and help!! After long hours of ‘palava’ or strong discussions, my parents asked if there was a place where they could rest and pray for the night. They said that they Believed God would tell them by the morning what He would have them to do. All night long, they wondered what was going on for there was lots of noisy commotion, singing, and beating of drums!!! On their way to meet with the Chief and Tribal Rulers, they saw that acres and acres of prime rubber trees had been cut down and even the stumps & roots were dug up and carried away – All in One night – how could that be? Hundreds of people from all around, were so determined that medical help was really coming, that Christian and non-Christians, old and young, had all come to help. Oh Joy, JOY!! – When the people saw them coming, the singing, dancing, and cheering, got even more exuberant – Wow, and even more, as my parents arrived at the meeting place to tell of their God given decision. …….. So Grateful that the Lord had told my parents “Yes” during the night!!!! — MORE To Come of Jesus Love for Eku na Omoteko