1953 EKU HOSPITAL IS REALLY GROWING & WOW, EKU IS CHANGING !!! – More Missionaries are coming with all their children & even some “Journeymen” Nurses are coming from America, for one year at a time! To start each day, each Missionary would take turns, at early morning Chapel, with Prayer, God’s Word, & with singing & dancing of Great Praises to the Lord Jesus. For the ones who could not come to the morning Chapel, Mrs. Alice Gaventa & Mrs. Ida Cullen (as seen in the picture) would make rounds daily in the different Wards, to minister & pray with each of the patients. On Sundays, Pastor J. E. Aganbi would bring a sermon in each ward & the missionaries would go out to the different Churches in Eku !! There was lots of Malnutrition, as you see in the picture, & this little child also had a tumor that had to be removed. While people were waiting to see the doctors, the staff would also teach about better nutrition for the children. Oh JOY, people were started seeing things changing for Good, so Eku was growing, Coming to the Light of Jesus, & Miracles happening there !! Igbunu Oghene – He STILL IS a Miracle working God !! ……… Even Today, my friend: – ONLY BELIEVE God’s Word for YOU & Don’t stop Praising Him with His Word on the matter – “DON’T BE Weary in Well doing – YOU WILL Reap IF You faint Not” – God Loves YOU – Please Ask Jesus INTO your life & Avwerosu Oghene – Have Faith in God !!!