Villages & Town All Around Eku Area were wanting my Dad, Rev. Dr. & Mrs. E.M. Howell & Rev. & Mrs. Palmer Ofuoku, to come Preach, build Churches, Schools, start Woman’s Groups, & help with Medical needs – They were “Workaholics” & inseparable !! – WOW, the Early years were Very Exciting Times – Some Stories here today, But in the Book, someday, will have many more stories of God’s Amazing Love, Blessing the Delta region !! In those days, there was more jungle & many Villages only had small paths that could only be reached by Bike, or Canoe, & some you had to cut your own paths to get to – Sometimes Canoes turned over with all the people & supplies – Yikes! – They always visited the head Chief first & the Holy Spirit took it from there. On one trip, my Dad woke up & saw his unfinished can of food being carried off by Big Driver Ants! I was covered with them one time, & while I stood there screaming, a group of people had to be picked off me – I needed a lot of prayer after that! There was much Malaria for my parents to overcome, etc. – So grateful to, Abba Father that I never had Malaria !! We came upon a Village with Horrifying Cases of Small Pox, with open sores All over them & everywhere were youngsters & babies that could not be fed or cared for. Each person had to be washed down & medicated – Our hearts were broken, because we got there too late for some of them, But they Also saw God do many Miracles !! — Ooh, Soo many Stories… But because of God’s Strong Love for the precious Nigerians, God Did Many Miracles all through the trips & He IS The SAME TODAY for YOU !!! — No matter what YOU need to overcome, in your life – We are Praying for YOU & in Jesus Powerful Name, we DO Believe that “God IS All the while effectually at work IN YOU – energizing & creating IN YOU, His Mighty Power, for His Goodness to Manifest” — Ooh, He Strongly Loves YOU – We Believe you Do Receive & it IS Done for You !!! – Hallelujah – All Glory to You, Lord God All Mighty – We are soo Grateful !!!