1950’s -WOW, HOW EXCITING IT WAS TO SEE Very Hungry young men arriving from all over Delta State, Nigeria, wanting to be fed by God’s Word, & wanting to be trained to Preach & start Churches – GLORY To You Lord Jesus !! Oooh, they were so Eager to share the Love of God & see Others taste of this Amazing Grace, ONLY found in Jesus The Christ, the Son of the Only Living God !!! As the people were hearing fresh Revelations from the Lord, they would go quickly out that same day, to preach what they heard, because they were so filled with God’s Joy & couldn’t wait — The Spirit of God was Truly moving among the people – so Dad started Baptizing often !!! Great numbers would come watch from the different Villages – While watching & listening, at Baptism time, Even More would Ask Jesus to come into their hearts Oh, Happy Day My Dad, Rev. Dr. E.M. Howell started training in Church buildings, But the numbers grew too large !! People were hanging in the windows, doors, & all around him on the floors – I really remember them being so intense on Every Word that my Dad spoke – He had to move to open fields to have more room !!! — This was the Beginnings of the Pastor’s School, which then became the Eku Bible College, which became the Baptist Theological Seminary in Eku !! — I’m soo Grateful to have witnessed all this, being born & raised interacting in all this excitement !! — With Great Joy & Love in my heart, I want to ask YOU, to Please, Ask Jesus into Your heart, out loud, With your Mouth – God Loves YOU & is pleading with you to “Believe with your Heart AND Confess with your Mouth UNTO salvation – this Salvation to be Filled with God, is Only through Jesus – Sooo, out loud (Rom. 10: 9,10) – Please to Ask Him to forgive your old unholy ways, Ask Him To be your Saviour & Lord – Today let Him Make you a Brand New Creation IN Jesus Christ, where All of the old man dies, & you receive the Divine Nature of God into yourself, to Continually move, live, breath IN the Peace of His Amazing Grace, & Joy of His Miraculous Presence – WOW !!! – Now, since “Faith comes by hearing & Hearing the Word of God” – So speak it in Joyful Praise to your New Heavenly Father – Speak it against Problems & Hear it in Church (Rom.10:17) Be sure to Feed your New spirit man that Powerful Word of God – Be Baptized & Also Ask to be Filled, to Overflowing with the Empowerment of God’s Spirit To Keep yourself stirred up & Continually build faith for His Miraculous in your life ! Oooo He Love YOU soo Strongly – so continue IN the Awareness of the Joy of His Loving Presence, in Praise & Worship – moment by moment, Daily. — You need that Power oooo, in these wicked days !!! – We are praying God’s Anointing flow for YOU, Now !!! – (let me know) Oghene Vwgba, Avwerosu Oghene – God has the power, so have faith in Him — Remain Blessed, in Jesus Name – na Omoteko