WOW WOW – Here Are Some EXCITING & FUNNY Stories Below !!! – It is Now 1952, in the history stories of Eku, Nigeria. — Dr. Gaventa & family needs to take an extended period of time in America – Soo Dr. & Mrs. Curt Abell comes to relieve them. He served as Medical Superintendent of the Eku Baptist Hospital, until they retired in 1983. He was highly loved & favored by the precious Eku people !!! With both Dr. Paul Cullen & Dr. Abell on staff, there was lots and lots of Surgery going on all the time. What a huge joy is was to me that I was old enough now for them to let me help in Surgery!! There are soo many of unusual stories that I remember that I can only put some here: 1.) One evening, there was a small 12-year-old pregnant girl that was brought in Tied to the back of a Bike driver. She was drooped over, almost dead – The local “Juju man” had cut slashes all over her belly, to let the evil spirits out, but She was just too small to give birth naturally & needed help badly!! When we got her into the surgical theater & began to we opened her up, gangrene exploded All Over us, the whole surgical room, & the ceiling !! – We could then see that there were 2 babies in her, all covered in gangrene also ! – Miss Mary Evelyn Fredenburg grabbed one baby & told me to get the other one – I watched her closely, To do Everything she did – we took our fingers to quickly clean out the mouth, wipe the nose, & we both started doing CPR on them – We were so thankful that they both lived, but took a long time for the Mother to make it – You are a Good God & we are so Grateful Lord, for Your Miraculous Works among the Eku people — 2.) Another time I was called to Maternity to help them with another mother with twins, & she was in trouble – Both babies were breach & turned the wrong way for birthing – I was still young with smaller hands than the adults, so they asked me to put both my hands in & turn the babies – Wow, what a Joy to experience their healthy births & All were blessed !! — 3.) The Tropical Rains in the Delta State can really get hard & flooding can happen quickly – this is what happened in the Surgery Theater one time – We were all in a very lengthy surgery & the waters flooded all the way up to the adult’s waists & my chest – soon a nurse let out a small squeal & pointed to a large snake swimming around us – it was at a dangerous time in the surgery, so we all had to Stay put & continue working – God was Gracious & no one was hurt, except the snake!!! — 4.) There were many large Growths, Goiters, & Tumors in people there – One time a visiting French man wanted to come watch one of the surgeries. The helpers brought in a large wash basin (large enough to wash a 10 year old child in it). When the clear looking tumor that was in this small boy, was lifted out & overflowed this basin, & the Frenchman fainted right out on the floor & never wanted to ever come back !! (there are more stories for the Book) — I would Not trade the Joy of those Amazing growing up years there as an Urhobo Girl !! – We saw so many Miracles that NO man could take credit for – Only God’s Love could have done it for the precious Eku people & friends, He is Not finished yet in Eku & we Thank You soo much, Lord God of Miracles – Wo ruru mamo, Oghene !! He has NEVER changed – He IS Still the Same – “IF the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, lives IN YOU, He WILL quicken & Make Alive YOUR mortal Body also” – IF you Ask & Believe you Do receive, When you prayed (Rom. 8:11, I Pet. 2:24, & Mark 11:23,24) – Only Believe God’s Powerful Word, Not the problem, & Stay in Praise with His Miraculous Name of Jesus !! – Oghene Tejiri – Only our Lord God is to be Praised – All Glory to You Precious Lord Jesus !!! — (Much more to come of God’s Grace for Eku) na Omoteko