1957 was a shocking year for me !!! – The Mission Board made me leave my home in the Southern, Delta State of Nigeria, where I was “home schooled” by my Mother. I was sent me to the Missionary Boarding School in Oshogbo, with all the other Missionary Children !! (Newton Memorial School is Pictured below) – This School was on the opposite side of Nigeria, hundreds of miles away from my dear Nigerian friends. There were very bad mud roads between us, so could only see my parents once a year, in the “Dry Season” They thought it would help prepare me for my transition, coming from my African culture to an American culture. (which would be in 1960, But they were wrong !!) — My Mother, had had malaria several times as she working very unselfishly, day and night, as a nurse in the Southern Equator’s jungle heat, and miscarried 2 babies ! – So I was SHOCKED when my parents arrived over in Oshogbo, at the Boarding School, with a 3-month-old little Brother for me !!! – Little Daniel Andrew Howell was born, with the help of Dr. William Gaventa & Mary Evelyn Fredenburg, at Eku Baptist Hospital, on October 29, 1957. — But sadly, just 2 days Before Dan’s birth, our Beloved Friend, Rev. Jejovi E. Aganbi passed away to go be with Jesus, his precious Lord, & Saviour. What a strong mixture of emotions for us all, with a birth of a son & a death of a dear Friend. Dad had to go get a casket for Rev. Aganbi’s burial, just as Mother was giving birth to their new son, Dan !! – Wow, what a Year !! — My parents were so thankful for that son and about 21 months later, another son, Bill Howell, who was born in America . – Bill, my youngest brother, has come with us to Eku several times, in our 16 years of coming to Eku, and is ready to come back with us again — We want to come back Home to Eku, to share more about God’s Love & Great Resurrection Power available for YOU “This is Eternal LIFE that you KNOW, recognize, and be acquainted with the ONLY True and Living God, and KNOW (relationally) Jesus the Christ, The Anointed One, The Messiah” !!! (John 17:3 ampl) – Ooh How He Loves YOU and I pray you to take time Every Morning, to have deep intimate personal Time with Him and His Mighty Word !! I desire that the AWARENESS of His Anointing Presence, Continually flow in and through YOU, and His Miraculous Power Saturate, not just You, but everything and everyone you touch !! — With this kind of Life giving, Personal Relationship, “He will Cause you to Triumph in All things, Through Christ Jesus, Who Loves YOU”– Oghene Tejiri – You Lord God are Worthy to be praised – Hallelujah , Hallelujah !!