I was obedient, no matter how hard it was to go back ! Dr. Daisy Osborne and all the ladies had many more meetings in the convention in Benin to do. Then we flew to Accra, Ghana for more meetings. This meeting was with Women from All Over Africa to come. It was in a large Round building with 2 teirs of seating All around, filled with women, all speaking different African languages. Everyone speaking, had interpreters for them all to understand what was being taught by the American Ladies. When it was time for me to speak, I asked the interpreters if they would let me try to do it on my own. They were hesitant, but when I began and I broke into pidgin and Broken English – the place went crazy with joy, because they could All understand, and they loved it !!!! I taught on God’s love through ‘New Testement Intercession’, and told of many Miracles done through praying God’s Word from the Scriptures, to set people FREE !! That is the Only thing that will “Not return void, but Will accomplish what it is sent to do” – Soo Grateful — After that, all the women that came with Dr. Daisy, went down to pray for the women there. One of the ladies I prayed for was Deaf, Dumb, And Blind !! – I prayed in Jesus Mighty Delivering Name, for her, and God opened her eyes, then her ears opened- Ooo, ALL Praise to You, Father God of All Glory !!! When the eyes blinked open, she stared at me and so I asked her to say “JESUS” – She watched my lips, as I said it a few times, and her face lit up with joy, and then she started saying His Name, very weird, but the more she said it, the happier she got and all of us too !! She could hear as a child, so her friend started talking to her as I asked if she wanted to ask this One who had Restored her sight and hearing, To come into her heart and live – She nodded Yes, and then she prayed the prayer as best as she could – you could see the difference and we All started dancing before Jesus, in Praise, with all our hearts !!! Oooh What a Faithful, Marvelous, Glorious Lord God ALMIGHTY we have, Who loves us soo dearly that He died to be MADE our sins penalties For us, and was Risen from the dead, to Save, Deliver, Heal, Redeem our lives from destruction in this world. He Made The Way, IF we ask Jesus into our hearts and lives. We also can live here on earth, in All His Provisions of Grace, Mercy, and Love. Then after, Jesus made a way for us to go to Heaven, and live with Him, in all His Glory Forever and Ever – Hallelujah !! Please, Ask Jesus to come live in your heart !! – Jesu Tega ooo (Jesus is Worthy to be Praised !!!)