In 1990, I was soo Excited to receive an Invitation from the Chiefs of Eku, Nigeria, to Come back to my Home, for an 40th Anniversary of the Eku Baptist Hospital. Commemorating the arrival of the first doctor to come. There were so many Government dignitaries, High Chiefs, Amazing Dancers, Singers, and even got very excited about some of my old childhood dear Friends that attended. We even saw, way off towards the back, a large group of “Juju” witchcraft dancers, with their entourage, making lots of noise! At the Celebration, my Mother was honored to cut cake, because my Parents: Rev. Dr. E. Milford and Katharine (RN) Howell, had started the Hospital in 1944. There was a need for something bigger, so Dad, with the Eku people, started the Hospital buildings in 1945, which was dedicated in 1950. – What great Joy I had, because, this is where I was born and raised, and I was finally able to take my Husband, Fred Posey, back to see my Home and the people that I had missed so dearly !!! – The Great Chiefs of Eku honored my Dad, Mother, and I to be Chiefs of Eku and had another great “Cola Nut Celebration” for us (a Covenant of Forever Friendship). – Dad got to preach at several church, even at First Baptist Church of Eku that he built in the late 1940’s, and Deacon Atigari got to interpret for him, as he did in the old days – What thrilled my Dad even more was when a large group of Pastors that Dad had trained and worked with for years (1943-1964), All came to greet and Honor him after all these years – What a Marvelous time of embracing, praying, and even tears of joy – Oh Glory to You Lord Jesus !! We took a trip over to my first home by Market, where Mother started the first Clinic. The second Clinic was near where First Baptist is now. – At this point in 1990, the Hospital was still going strong because the Missionaries that lived there did not leave Eku until 2000. Then it started going down fast !!! — One of the days we were there, Several Nigerian Reporters came, from all over, to interview and take pictures of my Mother, and that was very interesting – Lots of History that they had never heard !! We had an wild experience going and coming, to meet with the people of Oginibo that is way on the other side of Warri. It was a big surprise – In the old days, we would have to go a little way by car, then by Bike, then we would put our bikes in a Canoe, then Bike again, then by foot, and that would take All day ! This time it only took one hour because the oil company built a bridge. We got a late start to go there, and all the great numbers of people had been waiting All day for us, but would Not go home till we arrived. There were lots of gifts, of chickens, stalks of bananas, Large yams, fruit, and so much else to bless us with ! After Dad preached, it All went home with all 7 of us, in a tiny little Peugeot car – Even the Live chicken, with its wings flapping all the way back – Yikes, that was noisy, but lunch was great the next day for us all !! – Also invited for Hospital Anniversary, were other Missionaries that had also worked there through the years: Miss Mary Evelyn Fredenburg RN (2nd nurse), Miss Betty Larimer RN, Dr. Paul and Ida Cullen (2nd Doctor), and Dr. Abell’s wife, Betty Abell. We were there for the full month of March, going from place to place preaching, and having lots of people come in to Greet us, and have prayer…. Oooh what a rich blessing, and I will never ever forget it – Oghene Tega – God is Worthy to be Served and Praised !!! – – Next week you will see what broke our hearts and caused us to answer the call to go back home to Eku, in 2005, as Missionaries, for the last 18 years, To help “Change Lives for Eternity” !! —- Uriri Dia Vwo Ko Oghene (all glory should remain with God) – We ruru mamo ooo (the strongest thanks I can give Him) – Iseee !!!!!