IN MY HEART !!! After 1990, my next trip back Home to Eku, Nigeria, where I was born and raised, was in February 2005. Back then, many chiefs and leadership of Nigeria, had been contacting me about the dire condition of the Eku hospital that my Mother and Dad had started in 1945. They said that All the Missionaries had left Eku in 2000, except for one that worked at the Seminary, and that the Hospital was almost shut down. They said that there were no salaries, or food, and people were dying !! This grieved my heart, because there had been so many miracles at this Hospital that sick people in the old days, would bypass all other hospitals and even come from other countries, expecting God to Heal them there in Eku (I will have stories of God’s miracles in the Book later) !!

When the Missionaries left in 2000, we heard that many in Eku thought God had Abandoned and forsaken them – Ooo Mercy, Lord, we felt like we had to start over, by Your Spirit Lord !!! I wondered why I was contacted, but I guess because of my parents were the first to bring medicine with the love of Jesus, and that I was their first white baby born there. – They wanted me to come and Help quickly !!! My Husband Fred had just retired, after 35 years with one company, and we wanted to go check it all out !!! One of my dearest friends, Mickey Brown RN, wanted to go with us. God did a real miracle about the Passports and Visas to go back . It took only 2 weeks to get them – Thank You Lord ! When we got to Eku, my heart Broke in pieces when I saw everything there !!!

Back in 1990, on our last trip, the Village was filled with busy people and the Hospital was so filled with patience that many were in the middle of the walkways and others were laying on the cement ledge around the outer walls (as you will see in the picture) !!

Oh what Joy, the van was entering my Home Village, I was soo very excited !! I wanted to sit in the very front seat to take it all in, and see if I could find any of my childhood friends. But, oh mercy, everything had changed, there were very few people on the road, and as we entered the front gate of the Hospital, which was partially closed, the inside area was totally empty ! It was starting to get dark, so they drove us on back to the Missionary housing. It was so wonderful to see several of my friends there, waiting to greet us. I introduced my husband to them and they called him, “Our In-Law”, because he had married their daughter, and teasingly wanted their bride money (hee hee) – Ooo, what a fabulous reunion !!!

In the Morning, it was time for 7:30 Chapel for the Nursing School and Hospital Staff. We greeted everyone, and shared God’s Word with them. I was totally Thrilled to get back into the dance of Praise to the Lord that only Africans can do, like King David danced before the Lord. Oooo joy, I was right in there with them !!! We were blessed to be asked to speak at different Churches, and over at the Seminary Chapel, and different other groups also. The Leadership had already planned out visits with many of our close beloved friends: Rev. Paul and Comfort Ebhomielen, Chaplin Udjo, and Rev. Palmer and Rebecca Ofuoku (my childhood Nanny). The visits were bitter sweet, as we discussed the Spiritual climate of the Churches and People, also the devastation of the Hospital. When I found out it was Market day, we went right over, so I could see some of the old mamas that raised me and others with which I grew up to bring encouragement to their hearts and see who we could pray for as we went through. One old woman grabbed me and began crying as she beat her chest, and said: “D Hospital, e de die ooo – Make una No let am die ooo – Make una NO let d Hospital die ooo” – Everyone joined her in the cry !!!! Next we went over into the Hospital wards, to greet and pray for the staff. Wow, seeing all the broken down roofs, windows, beds, machines, and even the staff with no salaries – It all really grabbed my heart again !!! There were hardly any patients. All I knew to do was to start praying for everyone in each of the Wards. There was so much to do and so little time to do it on that trip — It was soo hard to leave them in that condition !!

Help, Heavenly Father, we pray wisdom from You Sir, in Jesus Name, to Help my precious Home People !!! — Next Week the Stories will be Happier and more exciting – I promise…..!! We Must Have Faith IN Jesus, Even Today — Avwerosu Jesu —He Does Hear and Answer Prayers – Oghene Nyerhovwe and You are worthy to be praised – Oghene Tejiri — We ruru mamo !!!