The Needs that I saw at the Hospital in Eku, Nigeria, in Feb. of 2005, Really crushed my heart !!! Immediately upon returning to America, we were determined to get busy and seek God’s Wisdom in Prayer, to hear How we could help there !!! The Hospital my parents started, was in shambles with very few staff, because No salaries, and many were starving. We saw that there were No good working machines, or supplies to help the precious Eku people that I grew up with !!! My Mother, Eleanor Howell, was living with us at the time and we were blessed to have her in our home for 17 years. We all prayed and Believed that God would Guide and Bless us in this recovery work. – First thing, Mother wanted us to talked to the Southern Baptist Mission Board that had just left the mission work in Nigeria, and strongly begged for help !! They said because of economics of the time they Had to cut back in Many countries and could not help again. We talked to our Pastor and showed some pictures and asked for Prayer and the church Ordained us as Missionaries. He agreed and that Service was truly a Blessing to our hearts !!! After much more prayer, the Holy Spirit led us to create a tax exempt Ministry, so we could start going out, and people could donate to the cause. We all Agreed that we would Not take one penny, it would All go for this Kingdom work. He said to call the Ministry; “Walking in Love Ministries, of mkp” – While in Eku, we heard that when the Missionaries left, the people in Eku thought God had abandoned and forsaken them, and we needed to bring God’s Love back to them ! Lord said that Americans needed to See into Eku’s needs and See the precious peoples faces, so Love and Compassion would rise….. We built Displays of pictures and videos, and went out speaking at many other Churches, Groups, and even different Schools and Big Institutions ! Everyone seemed to already have their own mission programs, and charities, and had No extra to help us help Eku !! We Just Kept Praying and praying — Then we heard to go the Texas Baptist Men’s Organization to ask for help — Hallelujah to our Faithful Lord God Almighty !!! The Founder and Director of the organization was Bob Dixon. He started looking excited when we told him that my parents were Missionaries for 21 years in Nigeria and started a Hospital in Eku, Nigeria, where I was Born and Raised, till almost 16 years old. I told him of the Urgent needed for help now for the Desperate Hospital there – Oooh Glory, he got Real Excited !!!! He told us that in his younger days, he was a R.A. Director (the Baptist Royal Ambassadors Christian group for young boys) He told us that two of the young boys in his group, later grew up and went to Eku, as Doctors there (Dr. McCall & Dr. Amis ) – Hallelujah to Your Glorious Name Lord, we were in !!! He let us use one of their Huge warehouse areas, big enough for 5 or 6 big 18 wheeler trucks to fit into it, and we could us it as long as needed ! — So Now, I started Gathering great machines , from all over America. Also collecting many supplies, to go through, inventory, and repack in stronger boxes, to later put some shipping containers together to ship over there ( more of that later) – God Blessed us with a Very Precious Texas Baptist Man: Freddie Ransom, to teach me How to go through and remove all the bad and out of date things, Because Nigerian Customs were very strict !!! I tell you truth, once Freddie taught me, it was really hard manual labor for me. The boxes and machines were very heavy, and I did the climbing, sorting, and re packing of boxes, by myself most of the time. – God’s Love for Eku, “is Exceedingly Abundantly far Above all we can ask, or think, according to His power that is at work in us” (Eph.3:20) Even for TODAY !!! —- I am excited to tell, next week, about the Next Trip, which was in September of 2005. By then we had some great supplies and small machines. to take with us that could fit into our suitcases. Oooh what a JOY !!!!! — Oghene Tega – He is Worthy to be Praised !!! — AVWEROSU JESU – Eku, I beg, make una Keep trusting in God.. – Eku, Oghene No be finished ooo !! Oghene We ruru mamo- we give a strong thanks to you Lord God!!!.