… MEMORIES OF EKU …… AN EXCITING MIRACLE HAPPENED on this September 2005 Trip back to Eku, Nigeria, West Africa — All our Trunks and suitcases are pack with Medical machines and surgical supplies for the Hospital, and ready to go to Eku again – Oooh Wow, we can’t hardly wait to get there and watch their excitement over these medical Treasures !! – The Eku Hospital was hit hard when the Missionaries ALL left Nigeria ! It was then turned over to the Nigerian Convention, in 2000 – But at the time in 2004, that the Chief call me to come back to help, there were No Salaries for the Hospital Staff !! Knowing this was still a Great problem, we called ahead to have lots of Beans and Rice ready for us to give out to them upon arrival. Also I felt very strong about blessing them with a Party, for the Long hours of Diligent Work, as Unto the Lord, with No Pay !!! I Really wanted to cheer them up and give them a party, the night we arrive – We brought fixings for a sheet cake, and also brought enough Koolaid for one thermos, because we thought there would only be a handful of people there. I had also put some Christian Reward pins in a basket to give each of them. – We were so excited to see everyone as they came in – Ooh such love – Like a Family Reunion !! – Oooo WOW – The precious People, in the Village, Had Heard about us coming back, and that we were at the Hospital Chapel celebrating – sooo they all Kept Coming IN the door to join us !!!! — Mickey Brown had come with us and she started cutting the cake, Fred poured a few cups of Koolaid. – I gave each a pin, and I would lay hands on the workers, to Bless them for their “Servants Hearts” to continue work ! More and More People Kept Coming In —- Ooooo Joy, JOY – God showed up with Miracles to Bless them – Hallelujah !!! The small sheet cake Kept on multiplying, the small thermos kept on multiplying juice. I kept reaching into the basket and pulling out multiplied Pins – Jesu Tejiri -He is Worthy to be Praised – Oghene is truly the God of Creation and Multiplication !!! – The Anointing kept getting stronger and stronger as I laid hands on each person – All Glory to You, my Faithful Lord God Almighty !! I looked out the window and people were still lined up to the road, beyond what I could see !! I whispered: “Ooo Gracious, Faithful, Abba Father, in Jesus Name, Keep Multiplying” & He DID !! At the end, there was still plenty juice and cake left over to take across to the staff that had to stay on duty, over at the Hospital ! Oghene Nyerhovwe – Abba Father, You really do answer prayer, soo faithfully – We ruru mamo !!!

Sunday, we went to Howell Memorial Church, that had many of the folks I grew up with and even some old Mamma’s that all claimed to have taken care of me when I was little. We both had the Joy of greeting them and them greeting us – Ooo what fun that was !!! We then preaching Salvation’s Grace for their lives, and watched God work so preciously that morning, in the lives of the folks that came forward. – That afternoon, I got to share my Testimony, of being healed from the ‘Incurable Disease’ that I use to have, at ‘Howell Memorial Church’ – It was named after my Dad. – I shared from God’s Word, on How they also can be healed and delivered from evil attacks (John 10:10) from the powers of darkness. I told How God Anointed Jesus of Nazareth, went about doing good, and healing All that were oppressed by the devil” (Acts 10:38) and How He IS the SAME Today !! It was a glorious time IN the power and evidence of His Holy Spirit – Jesu, Fejero ooo — Praise Your Mighty Name, Above All names !!

The next morning, there were lots of grateful tears of joy from all the staff that came to receive beans and rice to take home ! We also gave funds to go get 3 lawnmowers to get the tall grass down around the Hospital compound, to keep the jungle varmints out !!! — Mickey Brown was always at the Hospital and Nursing School working, teaching, and praying for folks – We would all take turns sharing at the weekday, 7:30 am Chapel time – What a Very Special, Anointed woman of God she was (she came on all 5 of our First trips to Eku) – Eku was Really Blessed by her Love and gifts !!! After Chapel, Fred and I went to gather the doctors and nurses to give out all the medical treasures that we brought. – It seemed that Everyone at the Hospital, wanted in on this great event of victory over lack – Oooh what joyous dancing went on amongst us All !!! – They were soo excited and oh sooo Grateful over every little piece they received !!! All Praise and Honor to our faithful Jehovah Jireh, the Great Provider of All needs, according to HIS riches in Glory !!!

On Monday, Fred spoke at Chapel, at the Seminary that my Dad had started, and after that, Mickey and I taught the Pastor’s wives. They always need Much encouragement and Love for all the ministry that they also have to do !!! — After Lunch we went to Visit with my childhood Nanny and her husband: Rev. and Mrs, Palmer Ofuoku – we just could not stop the tears of joy and all the hugging !! They were my Family, as I was growing up there !!! Dad and he were so close in God’s kingdom work. – When my Mother was not doing nursing, then she and Mama Rebecca did the Women’s Ministry (WMU). After our visit, they wanted to introduce us to a family that they loved dearly, to help us in our continued visits, each year. It was Hospital Chaplin Rev. Richard and Funke Obarorakpor. We later became very close, as we started working together, to help the desperate needs of the Eku people ! – Everyday, we would have people come greet us at our Missionary Quarters, and we would have so much fun enjoying memories there was always time for going over the desperate needs at the Hospital and in the Village. What precious times for love and prayer – Oghene Yoma- You are so Good Lord !!!

Every chance we had, between scheduled things, we would go to the Hospital to Pray for people – I Love to see our Marvelous, Delivering Lord God of All Flesh, Move and show His Mighty, Creative Power to Save, Heal, and Deliver, for everyone who Believes they Received when prayed for (Mark 11:23-24) – Uriri dia vwo ko Oghene – All Glory and Honor, Remains with Our Lord God All mighty, Who Love YOU so Dearly !!! Ebruvwiyor – I Pray YOU Remain Blessed, in Jesus’ Mighty, All Powerful Name !!! Doooh !!!