Back at the end of 2005 when my Husband and I got back from Eku (my African Home Village) we both had to stop Everything to Pray – my heart had been broken to see the plight of the precious Eku people, and the condition of the Hospital !!! – Lord, How can we help … Please show us steps to take to show Your Great love for them!!! We first went to many Churches with our posters, but they all had their own Mission Programs! We knew we must go back to the Texas Baptist Men, the Founder and Director, Bob Dixon, who already loves Eku. They were excited about letting us use one of their Huge warehouse areas for as long as needed! — So we got started with a lot of phone calling, we started gathering even more supplies and machines, from all over America. We found a wonderful repair man of integrity to go through all the machines, because each had to be checked out completely to see if they were working correctly. Even the ones that were in good condition, he cleaned and oiled, etc. – to make sure they were Certified Perfectly. It was a challenge to go through each bandage, all the different tubing, IV syringe, surgical instrument etc. and remove all the bad and out of date things and make long tedious inventory sheets, Because Nigerian Customs were very strict!!! The boxes and machines were very heavy, and I did the climbing, and it was REAL Manual Labor for me each day. Except for days we called around on the phone, asking for certain machines, and days we traveled to pick up things. I dropped most everything in my life ! I showed up at 8 am, Monday through Friday, because there was soo much sorting, and re packing of boxes to do, and by myself most of the time. – God’s Love for Eku and her people, “is Exceedingly Abundantly far Above all we can ask, or think, according to His power that is at work in us” (Eph.3:20) Even for TODAY !!! —- I am excited to tell, next week, about the Trip of 2006,back to Eku, Nigeria, HOME! By then we had some great supplies and small machines. to take with us that could fit into our suitcases. Oooh what a JOY !!!!! — Oghene Tega – He is Worthy to be Praised !!! — AVWEROSU JESU – Eku, I pray you Keep trusting in God.. – Eku, Oghene No be finished ooo !! Oghene We ruru mamo- we give a strong thanks to you Lord God! — na Omoteku …….( walkinginloveministries.org)