Now the memories are in 2006 and part of 2007 — We are back in America, from our last trips, and we gathered people to help us Pray for God to intervene on Eku’s behalf !! – I’m Also Grateful that God’s Word declares that “He MAKES Ways where there are No ways” for us to find all the equipment and supplies needed to Cause His Word to be fulfilled that: Eku Hospital to “LIVE and Not die, TO declare the works of the Lord Jesus”!!! – We had put out a lot of calls and Now people were answering us back, from all over America – Oh Praise You Heavenly Father for Your Miraculous answers !!! — The Texas Baptist Men helped us travel to gather everything back to their Warehouse here in Dallas, Texas, where I was working. People now started coming in to help me sort. I was raised in the Eku Hospital and use to help in Surgery, and worked for Doctors here, but things have changed a lot sense then, so I was Very Grateful for Shirley Shofner R.N.’s more resent medical help!!! – I put long tables all over the place to separate everything to check expiration dates and inventory for the Customs people to stay happy – I had all the Surgical instruments in one area – all the Tubing in another – Wound care in another – Orthopedic in one area – Maternity in another – surgical dressing clothes – So many different Sutures, Lab, Pharmacy, and on and on !! There is No way to put all the pictures of Machines in this post – may see as they arrive in Eku. – But I did keep a Display picture board up for All to see pictures of the precious Eku people and their desperate needs & we started with prayer right there each morning. – One of the Most Valuable Gifts God us gave during this time, was Freddie Ransom, to teach me how to pack for a Shipping Container and knowing what the Customs People want. Also, Very Grateful for Ramon Chev … to go over all the Machines, to get rid of the Junk ! He then made sure Every machine was working perfectly, and Certified !! Soon the Texas Baptist Men were making crates, with foam protecting every machine, and that they were all bolted down in the boxes, so that crossing the high seas could Not jostle them around and break anything. One of the 2 shipping containers was stolen off the lot and we had to buy another one, but by the end of 2006, we were ready to pack both the shipping containers and let 2 of them start the long trip to Nigeria – Thanks to these wonderful Men of God !! Oh I wish I could tell you the Many stories during these couple of years of hard work – I was in my late 60’s climbing around and lifting Very heavy boxes – when no one was looking, and I’m was glad I was a “tom boy” growing up, outdoing the boys. There were some stories that were life and death, but we serve a glorious God of Miracles and He was so faithful to us !! He was with us through all the horrible times trying to get them through the Customs people also – Ouch – It All cost far more than we thought it would be !!!!! The rest of the wild stories are coming up next week – see you then, my friends –Oghene Ruona- He Works wonders and is worthy to be praised – Jesu Tega !!!