The time is late 2006 and the Shipping Containers for the precious people of Eku and the Hospital, Have been sent out into the sea toward Nigeria. There is Much work to be done in Eku Before they arrive!! There has never been any Dental help in Eku and God has sent with us the Amazing Texas Baptist Men, Dr. Clint Miner, Robert Gerrad, Donna Hagen, and others in Eku to help us build a Great Dental Department at the Hospital !! Dr. Miner had already made drawings, but they needed to be drawn onto the floor – Also walls had to be put up, pluming and electricity wiring had to be put in – So Grateful for the help of Plumper Felix and Electrician Julio, who helped soo much !!! Precious Judy Pogue’s Ladies Group donated to have all the windows at the Hospital get New Screen nets which were in a horrible condition – With the Ethiope River just behind the Hospital, it is horrible with Malaria there, so this was a Huge Blessing. I had brought soo many things for the Hospital in my suitcases, and had so much fun going through them with the Doctors and Surgeons.- Oh what Joy !!! There were so many people to visit with, Preaching in the Churches, teaching and praying in the Hospital wards, and rejoicing at all the wonderful Love and Grace answers from our Lord Jesus Christ – Holy Spirit really keeps me Awed at His Resurrection Power and Loving Grace that is available for Everyone who Believes and receives by faith, the Truth of His Word !! When it was time to leave, someone wanted us to stand in the shape of the Cross and pray for the Shipping Containers to arrive safe, with favor with the Custom people, and for the Hospital to Live and Not die, TO declare the Word of the Lord” Lord God Almighty, we Praise you for Your Faithfulness to All generations, to those who Reverence and Worship You, the Only True and Living God !!! Uriri dia Vwo Ko; Oghene (All Glory should remain with the Lord) Next week, the Shipping Containers Arrive – Ooooh what Excitement – Come back and See the fun !!!! Jesu Wekobiru ooo !!