Oooo JOY, JOY !!! This Memory is from July 4, 2007, and One of the Shipping Containers, to help Save Eku’s Hospital, has arrived at the edge of Eku Town – Fred and I hurried to it to put up the king sized sheet, onto the Container that declares: “JESUS LOVES EKU” !! There was Great Excitement everywhere !! All the Drummers, singers, dancers were gathering, and I was right in the middle of it all – We were Dancing, Thanking, Praising, and Glorifying God, ALL the way from the Junction, though town, and all the way to the Hospital, where another large crowd of people were waiting for us, also singing and dancing !! We all gathered in at the front entrance for prayer of Thanksgiving and started unpacking. As everyone was watching this, I started preaching of the Goodness of God’s Love for the Precious Eku people, and had a prayer to ask Jesus into their hearts and lives, which we All declared and thanked our Saviour for – Soo Grateful for Romans 2:4, which says: “It is the Goodness of God that brings people to repentance and acceptance to His alter” – All Praise to Your mighty Love and Power poured out that day !!! This was the height of the tropical rainy season, dark rain clouds were about to burst open, but not one drop of rain fell until After everything was prayed over, unloaded, and put in their safe places – All Glory to You Lord Jesus for Your protection !!! Each day each of us always take turns teaching and worshiping at the Chapel with the Great Nursing students and the Hospital’s Great hard working staff !! We visited the Great Chiefs of Eku, also preached in the different churches, and had some “Cola Nut Celebrations” with precious friends !! — — The Second shipping container had broken down and did Not arrive till the next day. When we heard it was almost to the Hospital entrance, we all ran out to welcome it. As I was praying, 2 white doves flew over the Hospital and landed on the road before me. Many people, motorcycles, even a car, But they did Not fly away – Not until the truck got right to them. Then they flew over the shipping container and over the Hospital again – At that point, God told me: “The Hospital Will Live and Not die, TO declare the Word of the Lord” & that “The Latter Will be Greater than the former” – I STILL Hold Tight onto those Words from God, No matter what we see or feel !!! — PLEASE see the Glorious Thanksgiving Celebration to God Almighty for His Gifts of Love for Eku !!! —- There were soo many funny stories – wow, God is soo Good – Oghene Yoma !!! We also are showing many, many pictures of thing brought to rebuild Eku’s Hospital – most is gone now, but what a blessing they were to restart things in 2007. I will show more of God’s Blessings for the precious people of Eku next week Most of all, I am so very very Grateful for God’s answered prayers, and God’s VICTORIES! Our heart is to show the Dunamis power and Glory of our Lord God, in All that He is doing. — He tells us in, 1 Cor. 10:31: “Whatever you do – do ALL to the Glory of God”!!! We pray Lord Jesus that You Be lifted up, and Draw All men unto You, so that: “Your Glory Be Revealed and All earth See it together” !!!