July 5, 2005 brought Great Excitement in EKU Again, the next day, when the Second Container came in !!! All the Eku village turned out again. and even the Great Chiefs came to thank us (3 more containers came in later years) Oghene Ruona – God had done Great Wonders and so another great Celebration of Praise to Him Broke out !!! — As everyone pitched in to unload, the Texas Baptist Men’s Volunteers continued building the new Dental Department, for a Village who never had dental help before – Many Came to Watch this sight !!! We all still took turns at 7:30 Chapel and again on Sundays, at the area Churches. – The Team worked tirelessly, even into the evenings, and Jesus was lifted up and Glorified with each person visited – even when we visited the Leper Colony, again God showed His Resurrection Power once more – Ooh, Your Magnificent Name be Exalted and Glorified as one of the ladies there Received her sight, when prayed for – Hallelujah – Uriri dia vwo Ko’Oghene All Glory should Remain with God !!! (More, After Resurrection Week of Praise) Jesu Tejiri – God is Worthy of Praise for ALL He did at His Finished Work at Calvary, and then Being RAISED from the dead, as the Only True, and LIVING God !!! Please Ask Jesus into Your Heart and Life to Ever live in His Abundance of Life, Grace, and Joy – that Now is and the life that is to come !!! He Loves YOU soo Greatly !!! Averosu Jesu – Have faith in Jesus — I de pray for you ooo !!! na Omoteku