Oh how Thankful I am to still have these printed Bits of History about Dr. and Mrs. William (Bill) Gaventa – God is soo Good !! The Gaventas arrived at the Eku Baptist Hospital in the Southern Delta of Nigeria, in December 1949. After my Mother, Eleanor Katharine Howell started it from a clinic, and my Dad, Rev. Dr. Milford E. Howell started building the Big Hospital. It was built in Eku because Pastor J.E. Agonbi knew it was & still is one of the most densely populated areas in all of Nigeria & in fact in all of Africa, & Very poor – (It is Still that way Today. There are about 400,000 people in a 30-mile radius – So the Hospital Really needs to “Live & Not die, TO declare the works of the Lord Jesus”) !!! Dr. Bill Gaventa then dedicated it to the Lord Jesus on July 27,1950. – Below are actual Wonderful, Original papers of when Dr. Gaventa was made a Chief just before he left Eku. The people loved him dearly !! I even named my younger brother after him. There are many stories I will tell in the Book !! — As a child growing up there, I knew the work was very hard on the adults, but I did not Fully realize the Great sacrifices that these early Missionaries went through to bless the precious people of Eku – Many times they went without food to be able to provide supplies for the patients – The long days and nights, in the Tropical heat & malaria infestation, without sleep, without breaks, without seeing their families, were life-threatening. Many times !!!!! They could have been making twelve times the missionary salary if they stayed in America – Many times my parents and I were overjoyed with gratefulness when one of the patients would come back to express his thanks and give a chicken or yams, in gratitude for medical treatment !! It was ALL worth it to be part of telling of Jesus’ Love to a patient, and then they ask Jesus into their lives !! We would see most of them go back healed to their homes rejoicing, and excitedly tell others that they also can receive the precious love of Jesus !! Many times, whole villages would put away the pagan idols of darkness, and be “Translated Out of the kingdom of Darkness and INTO the Kingdom of God’s Glorious LIGHT and Love”!! They would start New, Glorious Celebrations of Gratitude before their Risen, Lord Jesus, their Saviour !!! — My prayer is for all to “Awake and come to your senses, Out of the snare of the devil’s darkness, who had taken you captive..” (Deut. 32:12-21 & Rev.9:20,21)… And be loosed to serve RISEN, LIVING Lord Jesus Christ, Who Loves Your Sooo Dearly and wants to walk and talk with You, in a personal Relationship !! He wants to come IN and show You, in His Word, All the New Blood Covenant Provisions that He purchased just for YOU!! The Blood of Jesus’ death, burial, AND Resurrection has fulfilled the Old Covenant promises and is even Greater, to help You overcome these hard times !! – “Choose Life and Live” !! — Please Ask Jesus INTO Your Heart and start Praising this Greater One Who Loves YOU – Oghene Tega – You Lord God are Worthy to be Praised and Served — Oghene Maro – You are the Greatest — ALL Glory and Honor to You Lord God Almighty – Hallelujah !!