Oh, we LOVE the precious people in the Delta State of Nigeria !!! – It is around 1957- 1958, and by now my parents and I, are All out preaching and teaching God’s Powerful Word of Love and Grace ! – My Dad is still out Preaching, Training, and Building Churches – My Mother is teach WMU, teaching me, and Nursing where ever needed – & I am also going around with one of them, to help in God’s work. — If not going around with my beloved Nigerian girlfriends – I also had my own classes to teach God’s Word of Love and Grace Growing up as a “Proper Bush Girl” (as my Dad called me) I loved playing ‘Tag’ from one tree to another, Running Race, plus other sports and games (a real athletic ‘tom-boy’). Many time Mother would have to go to Market, to find me showing God’s love all around & working with many of the ladies that helped to raise me in my younger days. I loved going through the jungle creeks to catch crayfish and other things (hee hee). We found out later that there were 3 huge Python snakes caught, not far from there – There were always Lots of poisonous snakes killed Daily (Thankful that God was soo merciful, because of All the dangerous things I did) – I forgot to tell you that Dad and I were Chased by a Pack of Vicious Baboons, but we got into the car just in time !! Also, around the age of 6 or 7, while at mission meeting in Ogbomosho, I was chased by a Full Grown Gorilla !! We were playing ‘Hide-and-go-seek’ – I was the one with my eyes closed and counting, till everyone else could hide. The other children started screaming for me to “RUN, Mary Katharine, RUN” !!! – I did, with All my might !! It was almost on top of me, when one of the other missionaries had to stop the Gorilla by shooting it dead, – wheeeuu !!! Soon there were no more around or even many other big animals either – too much Hunger there ! – Most of the time, I was out with my Nigerian girlfriends every day that we were not on a ‘Bush Trip’. Most Favorite thing to do was eating in their home, especially eating: Ebba and Agoosi soup, or Garri & Yam anyway they have it fixed – Yes, I ate the big blob of sticky starch, many times with soup, but not my favorite! (Please ooo, have freedom to correct my spelling – that is not one of my strengths) — The Mission Board, because of my age, said that my parents needed to prepare to send me to America for High School, so I would be ready to attend College — I Did NOT want to leave my Nigerian Home and the only Culture I knew !! – I no like um ooo, atall, atall ooo – No be happy ooo !!!!! !!!!! It was really a Very hard time to overcome by God’s Grace !!! Oghene Jabor – If not for God !!! – He is No respecter of persons – what He has done in my life, He can do in Your life!! Find one of God’s Scriptures pertaining to your problem ( like Healing: Is. 53: 4,5 – or you need Strength: Joel 3:10 or Psalms 27:1 or 29:11 or 84:7 – or Peace: Prov. 26:3,4)… Take it before God and Ask that be done in your life – Start thanking and praising Him with that Scripture – BELIEVE you DO Receive HIS Word on the matter, with Gratitude, and Praise Him for His Goodness !!! Oghene Igbunu – He Really is a God of Miracles & we will Agree on this for YOU, in Jesus Mighty Name – Hallelujah AMEN — Iseee !!!