While the Missionaries were still in Eku, “THE GREAT EKU NURSES” are all the while growing and Gaining Favor, in Hospitals around the world – They were highly sought after !! At some point in the 1960’s, the then called Bendel state Government (which is now called the Delta State), asked the School of Nursing to increase enrollment. They Paid students a little bit of money to work at the Hospital, while they were learning, and paid the salaries of the Nigerian staff members also. The Government contributed N50,000 to build a hostel, now known as Fredenburg Hostel. However, the money quickly stopped from the government !! At no time was the School of Nursing under the government control, until recent years – So Sad !! – By 1990, there were 713 nurses that had graduated. This includes 70 Midwives, 5 psychiatric nurses, and 2 state-enrolled nurses who had completed their general nursing education. The First Principal was Mrs. Leslie Williams (Dr. Bill William’s wife), then Antonina Canzoneri was the second Principal, then Mary Evelyn Fredenburg was the third, and Mr. Darocha Olokpa was the fourth Principal at Eku’s School of Nursing. In the pictures you can see some of the different areas of their studies. Here, you can also see a picture of the 4 Missionary “Pillars” of Eku’s School of Nursing. From the Right to Left: Jackie Legg, Mary Evelyn Fredenburg, Betty Larimer, and not sure about the name of the fourth on the left. – So Grateful that I knew all of these Amazing people as I was growing up in Nigeria !!! – When my Mother, Eleanor Katharine Howell, first started the Hospital and trained the first 2 nurses, she believed God wanted this to be a place that God’s Miraculous Loving Compassion would Always be Known and Felt, to All who come there for help !!! Every person I have ever met that has had a “Great Eku Nurse” has told me that they were their very favorite nurse in their hospital visit. That even included my Mother-in-law, when she was in the Hospital in Dallas, Texas – they were so good to her and I am so grateful. Oghene Runoa – God has done wonders all through the years and we Believe that He is Not through – Agree with me that He Will Continue to pour out His Love and Grace, To overcome All the darkness that had tried to overtake God’s Place of Miracles and Love !! -Oghene Yherovwo – Soo Grateful that God Hears and Answers Prayers – If You Believe !!!