July of 1960 was NOT a good Month for me – in 4 months, I would be 16 years old and the only life I had was in Nigeria from Birth. The IMB Mission Board was having me leave my Home there to start High School, in America, so I will be ready for College there – Even Before Nigerian’s Independence Day from England that we had all prepared for with great excitement – I Was NOT Happy about leaving Home – (a tal, a tal – na true ooo !!) – Nigerian Culture was all I was comfortable with !!! I was having to say goodbye to all my Nigerian friends and Church family there in the Delta State of Southern Nigeria – it was Horrible !!! – My childhood Best Friend, Alice Okobia, (in this picture, is standing right behind me), & we were both crying the day of separation. (A side note about Alice: (Mrs. Alice Okobia became a Great woman of the Lord and one of the greatest “Soul Winners” I have ever known !! Even when she was in her late 80’s, she would DAILY Walk all over my Home town of Eku daily, To All the different Schools, the Hospital, the Nursing School, etc. TO give a Word from the Bible, and share God’s Love !! Everyone Loved Mama Okobia and Really Misses her – she was a Historian and a True Hero of Jesus Christ !!!! After Church recently, I gave her the picture of the 2 of us as teenagers, and we had such Joy retelling all the memories we had as children.) Back to my story of having to leave. Dad had to stay in Nigeria to relieve another Missionary, and Mother had to go ahead of me to America, to Start a new project while on Furlough, so Dad drove me to Lagos to get onto the plane. Once we got to the airport, I ran to the only piece of Grass in the area where they were trying to get me on the plane. I got down on the ground, holding onto the grass, crying that I was NOT going to leave Nigeria !!!! My Dad gathered me up as you would a sack of potatoes and carried me to the plane, still crying and scared of the unknown !! On the way to the plane’s stairs, The Spirit of God told me to “Be still and Listen…” – He said that “I would be going back to Nigeria once again, to help my precious people there someday” !!! The rest of the story of my parents leaving me to go back to Nigeria, without me, and living with folks that I didn’t know, is a long and Not so fun story! But, I kept the Vision strong in my heart, and God prepared me, so I am skipping all that for now. I will tell the good things later- I met my precious, Godly Husband and we went back to Nigeria, as Missionaries, at age 60, once he retired from his job and we have been missionaries to my Home, Eku, the last 16 years!! — PLEASE, my friend, I beg una ooo – Never, NEVER LET GO OR LOOSE THE VISION GOD GIVES TO YOU – No matter how long it takes – Keep Praising and Preparing !! God says: “Without a Vision, My people perish” – So, Paint the Picture Vividly before your eyes – Put Scriptures around your home to see Continually! – Habakkuk 2:1-4 says that you must write what He says to you and make it plain before you – even if it takes a while. – IT IS KEY for you to go and find a Scripture that Agrees with His Vision to you, and Keep Believing, Praising Him WITH that scripture, and Keep preparing – It WILL Come to pass !!! – Vs. 4 says: “The Just shall live by Faith” – So Trust His Word to be TRUTH (John 17:17) – “I CAN do All things, THROUGH You, Christ Jesus, Who Strengthens me” in Jesus Name, Iseee ! – Avwerosu Oghene – God is Good – Oghene Yoma !!!