Eku Always had a struggle to keep Alive !! But God had plans for His Glory to be revealed there – I truly believe that Eku was More than just a village – People came from all over Nigeria and also come from other Countries, because of His Miracle working power operated in her Hospital, and God is NOT through in Eku !!! (Here are some Old pictures from the Past on which our present and future are built.) – I Believe that God Almighty has Still destined Eku for a Divine purpose. The early settlement and struggles to find a place of peace and blessings, has been a part of the Eku past history. In a book by the late Rev. Palmer Ofuoku, compiled from interviews with elderly leaders relating an oral history of early Eku indicates that “the town is like a brand snatched from the burning.” The migration from place to place was marked by crisis. However, as the Eku town was settled it became Known to be a place to accommodate visitors and strangers. It had been a place that instilled in its people to be Kind and Hospitable because of the example of Eku’s leaders. Rev. Ofuoku relates in the early 1900s, the paramount Chief Aganbi, father of the late Rev. J.E. Aganbi, was so good and KIND that his name became synonymous with that of Eku. It seems that God was working even before the message of His love through the gift of Jesus Christ was presented to the area. It was as if God was preparing the land and the people to be a testimony of God’s love, mercy, and grace. The foundational message of Rev. J.E. Aganbi guided by the vision of a place that would teach, preach, and heal in the Name of Jesus settled in Eku. Rev. Aganbi’s work and the work of accepted strangers, to bring the Light of God’s Word, Continue to burn in Eku, because of Kindness and Love. Remember how we have shared over the last 34 weeks how Eku was chosen by God, offered by the Eku people, and will endure AS we are obedient to God’s Commands to LOVE one another in word and deed. Join together with me and let us Be that ember that Has the Breath of God’s Spirit on it and Keep flowing in His Life’s Breath, so it becomes a Revival Fire that Fulfills God’s purpose for Eku !! — ALL Glory to Our Lord God, Who IS ALIVE !! — Avwerosu Oghene – Trust and have Faith in Him !!! There is Mighty Power, Grace and Peace, IN and Through Jesus, The Glory of God – so Ask Him into YOUR life, and “BE supernaturally infused with strength THROUGH your Life-Union with Jesus, the Christ (The Anointed One of God) Stand Victorious with the force of His Explosive Power flowing IN and Through YOU” (Ephesians 6:10 TPT) – “through You Lord Jesus, in All these things, You Make us More than Conquerors” (Rom.8:37) and we give You Praise !!! – “Thanks be to You Lord God that You Will Cause us to Triumph, By Knowledge of Your Word, in Every place” (II Cor. 2:14, 15) – It’s All IN and Through our Life-Union with You, Lord Jesus !! —Oghene Tega – God alone is worthy to be Praised – Uriri dia k’Oghene – Oghene Yherovwo – God hears and Answers prayers – make una Believe ooo !!! Oghene Tega – Lord God, You are worthy to be Praised – Hallelujah !!! —<3 na Chief Omoteko